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Important Information Regarding the Use of PA State Game Lands #157


All events and activities performed by the Haycock Bouldering Coalition that take place at Haycock are done in strict coordination and with the expressed consent of the PA Game Commission. 

Please understand that climbing at Haycock takes place inside PA State Game Lands property and is subject to the explicit rules and regulations set forth by the PA Game Commission. Climbers must adhere to the rules governing the acceptable use of PA State Game Lands.

Examples include the requirement to wear 250sq/cm of Blaze Orange during hunting seasons, no overnight camping, the need for special use permits for climbing parties larger than 10 people, and others.

For a full list of the rules and regulations regarding the proper use of Haycock, please reference  (PA Title 58 – Chapter 135.2 – Unlawful Actions)


Bouldering at Haycock dates back many, many years. During the early years, it remainded under the radar. Many developers came to Haycock to put up stellar lines on the diabase blocks that litter the mountain. Within the past few years though, the overall popularity of climbing has exploded. More and more climbing gyms began to spring up, and before long Haycock saw an influx of climbers. While this was fantastic news; after all, everyone should get to enjoy the wonderful forest setting that we call home, certain trends started to emerge that needed to be addressed. 

Some of these trends were climber caused…but a vast majority were not. It was in these moments that the Coalition began to really come together. What started as an idea; form a close nit community and have a collective voice for climbing, quickly took the form of full scale land stewardship! 

There are no membership dues, no Coalition fee’s, none of that. We always have been and always will be an open organization. Whether you’re searching for beta on a new line, curious about other areas to explore, or interested in playing a more active role in land conservation, the Coalition is here. 

The power of the Coalition lies in ALL climbers. Not one climber, or a group of climbers, but ALL climbers are welcome here! 


Upcoming Events

Graffiti Cleanup Campaign – We’re launching a campaign aimed at cleaning up the unsightly amount of Graffiti at Haycock. Below are the currently scheduled events. This is open to all volunteers. Click this link to sign up: Volunteer Cleanup

Tuesday, June 30th (Completed!) 10:00 AM
Sunday, July 12th (Completed!) 9:00 AM
Sunday, July 19th (Completed!) 9:00 AM
Sunday, August 2nd (Completed!) 9:00 AM
Sunday, August 23rd (Completed!) 9:00 AM
Sunday, September 6th (Cancelled due to the Success of the Series!) 9:00 AM

Graffiti Removal Operations

The Haycock Bouldering Coalition is committed to keeping the mountain clean!

Doing our part to promote responsible land conservation

As part of our mission to promote ethical land conservation, we’ve partnered with the PA Game Commission to tackle the growing problems of graffiti on State Game Land. Haycock reached a critical point where there was a considerable amount of graffiti up and down the main trails of Top Rock. The Top Rock summit itself had turned into a very overwhelming display of painted slogans and painted images of all kinds of varying colors.

Starting in the summer of 2020, the Haycock Bouldering Coalition took a stance and rallied the climbing community. Our aim was to remove as much graffiti as possible and try to return Haycock to a more natural setting. The summer Graffiti Removal Campaign was extremely successful. Not only were we able to remove a lot of the major graffiti, but we made incredible inroads with our user groups. Spartans, train runners, and hikers joined the efforts to clean the mountain. Below are some images that highlight the work that was done.

Moving forward, we are committed to keeping Haycock clean.

The Prom Boulder
Orange Carnage

Photo Gallery of the Cleanup Efforts

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