Announcing a new competition style event!

HBC is excited to announce a new competition type event that will take place across Haycock over the summer! Just because the conditions deteriorate over the summer and those prime Diabase days feel long off, it doesn’t mean we can’t offer up some friendly competition!

What if we didn’t focus on chasing v-Grades for a competition, but decided to chase Stars! The Star-Chasing Showdown will be incredibly simple; get out there and snag as many stars as you can! A 4-star v0 is worth just as much as a 4-star v10! A star, however earned, is a point on the board. A virtual leaderboard will hold the rankings as we go and the top 3 winners will receive some cool prizes!

The rules are simple and are outlined below! Grab your pads and your bug spray and head on out!

Star-Chasing Showdown Rules

  1. Climb any climb you’d like. If you top the climb, you get a point for each star rating for that climb.
  2. At the end of each climbing session, submit your star-chasing session card (link to the entry form is below)
  3. The Star-Chasing Showdown will run from Sunday, June 20th (first day of Summer) and Wednesday, September 22nd (last day of Summer)
  4. This is a cumulative event and climbers can enter as many session cards as they’d like. Only 1 entry for daily session though.
  5. Climbs can NOT be repeated! There are literally hundreds of multi-star v0’s and v1’s out there, so feel free to explore the whole mountain (just bring lots of bug spray to fend off the tics)
  6. A leaderboard will keep track of all those Star Seekers out there who have submitted session cards. On the morning of September 23rd, the top Star Seekers with the most stars on the board will win!