Bake Oven Knob

Bake Oven Knob is a popular hiking destination along the Appalachian Trail located near Germansville, Pennsylvania. With an elevation of 1,560 feet, the overlook at Bake Oven Knob has become a very popular destination. For those wanting to take in a beautiful view without having a long approach, Bake Oven Knob has a parking lot that is roughly 4/10ths of a mile away from the overlook. A quick and relatively flat hike will get you to the overlook in minutes.

Because of the ease of access, Bake Oven Knob has been hit hard with graffiti! Once deemed a lost cause for cleanup, the PA Game Commission has partnered with HBC and several other organizations in an attempt to tackle the massive graffiti problem at this location.

On Saturday, June 26th, HBC joined various other outdoor organizations (Appalachian Trail Conservancy, Blue Mountain Eagle Climbing Club, Allentown Hiking Club, Lehigh County Task Force 99, and the Lehigh Valley Spartans) to tackle the immense graffiti located on Bake Oven Knob