Chestnut Grove

In the Spring of 2021, HBC held its first annual Haycock Diabase Dayz Bouldering Competition. The wildly successful bouldering competition had only a few agenda items, get climbers to compete in a super fun bouldering contest, secure sponsorship to make the event free, AND find a way to fundraise for a special project for Haycock.

Through a fundraising initiative attached to the bouldering competition, HBC was able to secure funding for a very unique and special project on the mountain. In partnership with the American Chestnut Foundation and the PA Game Commission, HBC is embarking on a project to plant our very own Chestnut Grove on the mountain.

Current Status

6/3/2021 – Discussions are underway to determine the number of tree’s that HBC will be able to purchase along with the exact location where the Grove will be planted on Haycock Mountain

Next Up

July, 2021 – Land survey with PA Game Commission.