Climbing at Haycock

Whether you’re a first time climber, or an advanced rock jock, Haycock has something for everyone. With boulder problems ranging from v0 to v14, there are plenty of boulders to keep you busy!

Did you know that Haycock has over 840 established boulder problems?! There are also plenty of undiscovered boulders out there, just waiting for someone to come along with inspiration and find their perfect line.

Below is some information that will help make your climbing journey to Haycock a bit more enjoyable. Our boulder fields are unique in that they sit completely inside State Game Lands property (State Game Lands 157 to be precise!) While climbing is permitted, there are certain things to take into consideration. The primary purpose of this land is for hunting, so Pad People are not the priority. We must ensure we’re following along with published rules from the Game Commission and practicing good outside climbing ethics.

Responsible Bouldering Guidelines

  1. Accept that climbers are not the primary land users! Climbing at Haycock is currently free, but hunters do pay a fee to hunt on this property. Being respectful to hunters and to Game Commission rules and regulations is the number 1 guideline!
  2. NO GRAFFITI! Carrying paint on State Game lands is unlawful. While we would like to accept the notion that climbers would never spray paint their beloved boulders, it goes without saying that Graffiti is completely unacceptable. If you encounter new graffiti, please email the Coalition. We have procedures in place to quickly remove it.
  3. Be Respectful. Many day hikers and families visit Haycock to enjoy the hiking and to enjoy spending some time in the woods. While a vast majority of bouldering is found off the main trails, you will not be alone at Haycock when you venture there.
  4. Pack out trash! Another guideline that goes without saying. Climbers are collectively great in this area, but if you happen to see other trash on the trail or in the woods, due Haycock a favor and pack it out.
  5. The Bathroom Situation – There are NO public restrooms on the mountain. There are restrooms close by at the Boat Ramp and the local gas station. If you have to do #2, you know what to do!
  6. Pad Placement – Haycock is certainly not known for super soft and super flat landings. Some landings are downright scary to look at…even scarier to fathom falling into. Please be mindful of this. If you’re a newer climber venturing to Haycock on a solo mission, there are plenty of 4 star lines that have good landings. Might we suggest you familiarize yourself with diabase on some of the more relaxed lines. Depending on your location on the mountain, medical attention could take awhile to reach you in the event its needed.
  7. Tic Marks – CLEAN THEM WHEN YOU’RE DONE! Left behind tic marks are a growing problem at Haycock. Please keep in mind that 3 foot tic marks left on your project look very similar to graffiti to an average hiker. Brush your lines, you’ll be fine!