Diabase Dayz Boulder Comp

The Specifics!

Diabase Dayz will not be your typical bouldering competition. If you haven’t noticed, these aren’t typical times either! This will be a “first of its kind” type of competition (that we know of) so lets get right down to the details:

  • Diabase Dayz will run from April 2nd through April 11th
  • This competition is completely FREE for all participants!
  • Climbers have an opportunity to perform their “comp day” on any day that fits inside the comp date range!
  • You can have multiple “comp days,” over the course of the competition but only ONE official “comp day” entry will be counted. So send in your best results!
  • Due to COVID and other social distancing guidelines, there will not be a designated start day where everyone gathers, gets their scorecards, and hears the rules! We’ll do it ALL remotely/virtual.
  • To comply with State Game Lands regulations, there cannot be groups larger then 10 climbers traveling and climbing together. If you approach a boulder that is already full with 10 climbers, please move to a different boulder to comply.
  • Your final submitted score card must include ONLY the climbs that were completed in one calendar day. Your entry cannot include climbs that were completed over the course of more than one day.
  • Because climbers will be spread out, there will be less “witnesses” to sign your scorecard. No worries. Simply have (1) other witness or simply record a video of your send. For all you solo folks, you’ll now get the best of both worlds; a chance to compete AND go it alone!
  • All climbers will receive a scorecard and we’ll be taking the top (8) climbs completed successfully.
  • During the comp, there will be on-scene judges to help out to ensure rules are being followed and Game Commission regulations are being followed. If you need help while out on the boulders, please send an email to info@haycockboulderingcoaltion.com
  • All climbers will have until 8:00pm on April 12th to submit their scorecards.
  • Scores will be tallied, winners will be announced, and prizes will head to the winners!
  • As part of our fundraising efforts and to offer a branded competition tee, we will be selling a “Fundraiser Bundle” in our online store. Climbers will have the ability to purchase a tee and a swag bag of sorts. All proceeds of this event will be donated to the PA Game Commission for conservation projects at Haycock. Purchasing the fundraiser bundle is completely optional and not associated with your ability to actually compete in the comp.

For the most part, this will be like any other comp! We’ll have mini comps, winner brackets, prizes and raffles! We just won’t have that wonderful burrito that people look forward to at the end of your session! (sorry, logistics would make burritos hard to pull off!)

Official Rules!

  • Only your top 8 highest scoring and completed climbs will be counted
  • All climbs must start according to the published guidebook start and must fully topout (unless noted otherwise in the guidebook)
  • Either (1) witness signature or a submitted video is required for verification
  • The comp runs 24/7 through the window. A “comp day” must be completed between 12:00am and 11:59pm on the same calendar day
  • All rules and regulations regarding the acceptable use of PA State Game lands must strictly be adhered to. Those rules can be found here:
  • Cannot climb the same climb multiple times
  • Only the primary climb (subheader variations are excluded) can be counted on your scorecard
  • You can submit a scorecard with less then 8 climbs if you do not complete 8 climbs during your session
  • Each logged climb must be climbed independent of other logged climbs (ex. A SDS and a standstart must be climbed separately to be counted)
  • Do NOT use excessive chalk
  • Please clear all tick marks after you are done on a particular boulder
  • Smoking and alcohol are not permitted
  • Climb at your own risk!

Competition Categories

Climbers will be competing in the following categories. Upon scoring, climbers may be bumped into a higher category if their scorecard reflects that they performed at that level.

Youth17 and under
Beginnerv0 – v2
Intermediatev3 – v4
Advancedv5 – v7
Masters40 and over
Open – Non-binaryFor people who are non-binary, agender, gender nonconforming, or for anyone not interested in competing based onĀ 
sexual or gendered characteristics
Open – WomanInclusive of cisgender, transgender, non-binary, and gender non-conforming people
Open – ManInclusive of cisgender, transgender, non-binary, and gender non-conforming people

Frequently Asked Questions

We realize that this is the first type of outside boulder comp to try this approach. With that, we also know you’ll probably have a lot of questions. If a question isn’t listed below, please shoot us an email.

If I commit to a day as my “comp day” and I botch it….can I pick another day?

Yes. The comp window runs for 2 weeks so if you’re having a bad day, feel free to try it again on a different day. Just note, that any climbs you DO complete on your off-day won’t be counted. Only climbs completed on the same day will count.

If I commit to a day as my “comp day” and it starts raining or snowing…can I pick another day?

Yes. While we certainly advise you to check the weather for the entire day, if conditions deteriorate on your comp day, you can certainly try again on a different day.

Can I do this in a group of other climbers who aren’t competing?

You can, but not in groups larger than 10. This is to ensure we’re operating under the rules that govern proper use of PA State Game Lands

Is there a cap on the number of climbers who are competing?

Right now, no! But that all depends on turnout. One of the main reasons of doing the event like this is to spread out people on the mountain.

Why is the comp so late in the season?

Hunting is the primary activity associated with the land that comprises Haycock. We want to take as many steps as possible to mitigate our impact. One of the ways we can accomplish this is by holding this event towards the end of the hunting seasons.

How will we know how many points a boulder problem is worth?

We are currently exploring the ability to use the Haycock guidebook in the GunksApp for this event. If so, points will be listed directly in the app. Due to the duration of the comp, we may need to simply create a point value sheet and distribute it. More info to come.

What areas of Haycock will be open for the comp?

All of them. Whether you start in Hanger 18, head over to Top Rocks, and then end on North Mountain, it’s all up to you.

How much is the comp fee?

FREE! You can still get a t-shirt by purchasing a fundraiser bundle, but you do not need to pay any fee to participate in this competition.

Series of Events

January though March – Registration will be open

March 31st – A virtual Zoom competitor meeting to kick off the competition

April 2nd through April 11th– Diabase Dayz Boulder Comp

April 14th – A virtual Zoom meeting to announce results and chat with competitors

Prize delivery will be coordinated with the winners and we’ll work on distributing prizes

If you have any questions, please shoot us a message. We’re looking forward to making this a successful comp experience at Haycock!