Getting There

Haycock Mountain contains 2,011 acres of mostly forested land. A series of trail systems cross over and around the summit. While there are plenty of boulders along the trail system, many great lines are off the beaten path. Bushwhacking is considerably easier in the fall and winter months, when the trees have lost their leaves and the immense amount of foliage is gone.

Hanger 18

Perhaps the easiest accessible area, Hanger 18 is a popular destination due to it short hike and high concentration of boulders. Great for beginners, with a large number of easier boulder problems, Hanger 18 also contains some coveted hard lines such as “Over the Falls” and “Black Angus”

Parking Location = 40º28’31N 75º13’34W

Approach Time = 10 Minutes

Must See Climbs

Top Rocks

Unlike the short hike found at Hanger 18, Top Rocks would be considered the Gateway to Bouldering at Haycock. The trail begins from a Game Lands parking lot located on Top Rock Road. The trail to the summit (Top Rocks) is just shy of 1 mile. Many bouldering zones are located right on the main trail. You can also break off on a few other trails to head towards other highly concentrated areas. v0 to vHard lines are plentiful on this side of the mountain. Come prepared to hike, and put on your sending shoes to try your luck on the diabase wizardry.

Parking Location = 40º29’32N 75º12’24W

Approach Time = Varies. Closest boulders are 10-15 minutes.

North Mountain

Perhaps one of the quieter parts of Haycock is North Mountain. North Mountain is actually a second summit on Haycock. The summit of North Mountain is located roughly 1 mile northeast of the the Top Rocks summit. Boulders are a bit more spread out on this side and there are still plenty of lines waiting in the woods to be cleaned. If you’re looking to avoid the large crowds and also want a slightly easier approach, then North Mountain is the area for you.

Main Parking Location:

Alternate Parking Location:

Approach Time : 15 minutes to beginning boulders from both parking lots

Be prepared for some off trail hiking and bushwhacking for some climbs and locations