Graffiti Removal Operations

The Haycock Bouldering Coalition is committed to keeping the mountain clean!

Doing our part to promote responsible land conservation

As part of our mission to promote ethical land conservation, we’ve partnered with the PA Game Commission to tackle the growing problems of graffiti on State Game Land. Haycock reached a critical point where there was a considerable amount of graffiti up and down the main trails of Top Rock. The Top Rock summit itself had turned into a very overwhelming display of painted slogans and painted images of all kinds of varying colors.

Starting in the summer of 2020, the Haycock Bouldering Coalition took a stance and rallied the climbing community. Our aim was to remove as much graffiti as possible and try to return Haycock to a more natural setting. The summer Graffiti Removal Campaign was extremely successful. Not only were we able to remove a lot of the major graffiti, but we made incredible inroads with our user groups. Spartans, train runners, and hikers joined the efforts to clean the mountain. Below are some images that highlight the work that was done.

Moving forward, we are committed to keeping Haycock clean.

The Prom Boulder
Orange Carnage

Photo Gallery of the Cleanup Efforts

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