At the core of the HBC mission statement is the idea that ALL climbers should have the ability to enjoy the amazing diabase boulders found at Haycock. With the steady rise of the popularity in climbing, and with the increased number of accessible climbing gyms popping up in local cities, it becomes more and more necessary to help gym climbers bridge the gap between the relatively safe confines of a climbing gym and the diabase blocs on SGL 157!

Enter the Gym2Crag series. HBC is proud to partner with various organizations and climbing gyms to offer events that are focused on first time outdoor climbers. These events introduce climbers to the wide range of considerations that must be accounted for when climbing outside. Safety risks, climbing ethics, and understanding local access considerations are all part of a successful Gym2Crag event.

If you or your organization (whether its a local climbing club, climbing gym, or group of climbing friends) are interested in working with HBC to get a Gym2Crag event scheduled, don’t hesitate to reach out. The events are lead by HBC volunteers and will always be absolutely free!