Mini Comps

The FUNnel Challenge

Want to win some ice cream from OhwowCow?! Give the FUNnel Challenge a go. All you have to do is climb FUNnel (v0), record the time it takes you, and submit your time to us. The top 3 fastest time will win a gift card to Ohwowcow!

1st Place – $20 gift card

2nd Place – $10 gift card

3rd Place – $5 gift card

Official Rules:

  • Climb FUNnel from start to finish
  • Time starts when your feet leave the ground on the start and end when you are standing with both feet on the top of the boulder
  • This event runs until the end of the comp
  • Submit your scores on a separate scorecard submission entry
  • Have fun!
1vGrogu12m 27s

Riddle Climbs

The first 10 climbers to correctly solve the given riddle, climb the boulder problem that the riddle points to, and submit an entry via scorecard submission, email, or Instagram, will receive a free raffle ticket to our swag raffle!

Riddle Climb #1

Clue: Dale Bard, Dean Fidelman, John Bachar, Lynn Hill, Ron Kauk, and John Long to name a few!

Riddle Climb #2

Clue: The name of this climb can also be found inside the 4 elements of nature!